2023 Schedule

Below are the panel dates and times for The Multiverse FunRaiser 2023!

Friday, January 20th

EventTime ESTTime CSTTime GMTTime PST
Jason Behr Q&A4 pm3 pm2 pm 1 pm
Fanatic Forum Special Episode 5 pm4 pm3 pm 2 pm
Amy Yasbeck Q&A6 pm5 pm4 pm3 pm
Guy Gilchrist Q&A7 pm6 pm5 pm4 pm
Chris Gauthier Q&A8 pm7 pm6 pm5 pm

Saturday, January 21st

EventTime ESTTime CSTTime GMTTime PST
Back of the Cereal Box Episode9 am8 am7 am6 am
Cryptid Crunch Special Episode10 am9 am8 am7 am
Indie Comic Creators Panel11 am10 am9 am8 am
Victor Garber Q&A12 pm11 am10 am9 am
Indie Authors Panel1 pm12 pm11 am10 am
Cress Williams Q&A2 pm1 pm12 pm11 am
Voice Actors Panel3 pm2 pm1 pm12 pm
Armin Shimmerman Q&A4 pm3 pm2 pm1 pm
Cosplay Cafe Special Episode5 pm4 pm3 pm2 pm

Sunday, January 22nd

Event Time ESTTime CSTTime GMTTime PST
B-List Boosters Panel 12 pm11 am10 am9 am
Beth Broderick Q&A1 pm12 pm11 am10 am
William Katt Q&A2 pm1 pm12 pm11 am
Kerry Schafer (Anne King) Q&A3 pm2 pm1 pm12 pm
Joyce DeWitte Q&A4 pm3 pm2 pm1 pm
FanFic Panel5 pm4 pm3 pm2 pm

The Mulitverse FunRaiser is sponsored and hosted by the Cereal Box Network